Rob's Review - NT1100

POSTED: 23/02/2022

Rob’s Review – The NT1100

Our new NT1100 demonstrator arrived with us last week. Due to an “alphabet” of storms since, It’s only now, I’ve had a chance for a quick spin and thought I would share my initial findings.

Firstly, no shock here, it feels very similar to the Africa Twin on which it’s based.  The riding position and the overall feel of the bike is very familiar. This is a comfortable bike and will be ideally suited to covering long distances. Compared to the Africa Twin, it has a lower centre of gravity so there’s little fear of becoming caught out by adverse cambers or loose surfaces and toppling over. If you’ve ever considered buying an AT for its touring credentials, but never intend to ride off road this is the option to choose.  The 1100cc twin cylinder engine is incredibly flexible and will pull impressively from as low as 2000 rpm to the redline at 8000 rpm. This wide spread of power means gear changing requirements are minimal, just what you want on a touring bike, particularly if you’re carrying a pillion.

My ride was on a particularly windy day and I found the adjustable screen worked very effectively in the taller position and stopped a lot of the buffeting. There is a comfort seat option, but my ample padding in this region meant I was very happy on the standard seat. The heated grips fitted as standard are very welcome too.
Much of the included specification you would normally expect to pay extra for. The afore mentioned heated grips, the panniers, pannier inner bags and centre stand are factory fitted as standard. This bike also has lots of rider modes to choose from, including, Rain mode, Touring mode, Urban mode and fully customisable modes too. The only things I would consider adding are a top box and possibly a quick shifter. This bike is available with a DCT option automatic gearchange, but personally I prefer a manual with a quick shifter.

Other things worth a mention, the mirrors are wide enough to see past your elbows, you can see the indicators flashing in the handguards, this should stop you forgetting to turn them off! The centre stand is easy to use, especially compared to the AT (if you have one fitted as an extra!).

Early indications are exceptional, the NT11 has the highest rate of test rides to sale conversion of any demo’ we’ve ever had!

I’m looking forward to the weather improving to give it a proper go. Come and have a go and see if you agree with me!


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